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It’s Thanksgiving in America tomorrow. Although we don’t celebrate this holiday, I think it’s as nice a sentiment as Braai Day is here. There’s nothing trivial about getting together and giving thanks for well, being together. And if you happen to swallow a turkey and a pumpkin in the process, so be it.

Big ups for the little things that make these times special.

For a long time I’ve had this terrible affliction. When others do well/get lucky/have fun, I’ve always seen it as something I don’t have. Therefore there must be something wrong with me. What makes person X so darn special huh, and where can I get me summa that?

I’m rather ashamed of my childish attitude to other’s good fortune. My mom always taught me not to laugh at the misfortune of others, but in the process I forgot how to celebrate their triumphs.

In order to remedy this “disease”, I will proclaim all that I am thankful for.

Today I am thankful for:

My boyfriend
He’s what I always wanted, and I’m so glad he’s still here five Christmases later.

My job
I consume media for a living. Coincidentally, that’s what I do on the weekends too. Funny that.

My love of food
While my hips expand and my arteries clog a little more this festive season, I’m thankful that I can do something wonderful like cook Christmas lunch for my family and be blissfully happy throughout the process. Let’s hope they’re as “blissfully happy” with the results. Holding thumbs for no burnt offerings this year.

Just the food
I’m so grateful that we have food to cook. So many people don’t have food to cook.

Family: old, new and gone
The crazies, the over-protective ones and the cute ones. Whatever they are, they’re mine, and it feels nice to say I have them.

The return of O’Gradys
Thank you Simba. Thank you so very very much for the greatest chip ever. Thank you for only making two flavours so that I can never decide which is my favourite.





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