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Goodie Goodie Guavas



I grew up with a guava tree in my back yard. From round about June to August our yard was inundated with the yellow goodie gumdrops. We couldn’t eat and cook them fast enough, resulting in a quite disgusting pink layer beneath the tree. We always picked them wearing gumboots because you couldn’t always spot the vrotties lying in the grass.

I strictly prefer my guavas cooked. Stewed with sugar and cinnamon, bottled and chilled, and then served with hot custard. Gosh… now I’m hungry.

It’s been a few years since we lived with that dear old guava tree. Now I have to buy these white little things that are so inferior to the sumptious yellow gems I’m used to. Sigh… how the mighty have fallen. Haha. This winter, while walking through St Georges’ Mall all I could smell was guavas from the fruit sellers. I bought a whole bag and turned them into this pretty little thing.

Guava Galette

Gorgeous, good, great, gastronomical guavas... I could go on.

I followed the recipe for a nectarine galette in my Shape low-fat and easy cookbook, and just replaced the fruit with guavas.

I wish I could recite it for you, but alas, the book is at home.

All you’ll need is a basic recipe for shortcrust pastry, make a round, put the fruit on top, fold and bake! Easy, huh?

Let me know in the comments if you require the step-by-step version and I’ll gladly oblige.

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