Commenting on my posts is the most effective way to get my attention. I’m needy like that. Failing that, please

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2 responses to “Contact

  1. Sammy, I remember a conversation we had once about “self indugent” blogs. Well, I am now so thoroughly hooked on mine and also adore friendly comments. I can’t believe how addictive a blog can be. Thanks so much for the inspiration to get going – even if I had to wait until half a century of life with food had flowed under the bridge! much love from your old cousin, Nikki
    PS – I love the photo of oven knobs. Is it your oven?

  2. Sam

    Thanks for the comment Nikki, they are addictive, aren’t they?

    I’m so glad you are enjoying blogging – it can really be whatever you want and need it to be.

    No, the oven knobs aren’t mine – took the photo from a free picture site. It would be awesome if they were though. 🙂

    Speak soon!

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