Mom’s Pancakes

The greatest gift my mom gave me in the kitchen was encouragement.


When I was six I cooked my first meal – boiled carrots and tomatoes. Mom was awfully impressed. Since she had me making tea from the age of four, she had no argument to get me away from the hot stove.

A few years later I was making custard, scrambled eggs and of course, more tea. I learnt to cut the batter for fluffy scones and beat egg whites for her famous cauliflower soufflé.

Mom taught me to flip pancakes by telling me not to be afraid of them falling on the floor.

Now they never do.

Tonight, to wash down 13 years of missing her, I heated that very same small frying pan she taught me to cook in. I mixed pancake batter in the white lipped mixing bowl she was so fond of. I followed her recipe to the tee. And it was glorious.


Denise’s Pancakes
Makes approximately 10 sideplate-sized pancakes

1 cup of flour
1 jumbo egg
1 cup of milk
A pinch of salt
Spray and Cook
¼ cup of white or brown sugar
2 tbs ground cinnamon
1 lime (or lemon)

Whisk the flour, egg, milk and salt together in a mixing bowl. Leave to stand for a few minutes.

Mix the sugar and cinnamon together in a small bowl. Set aside.

Bring a small frying pan to a high heat. Cover it with Spray and Cook, or, as Mom did it, wet a piece of kitchen towel with a bit of oil and wipe the pan with it.


Once it’s piping hot, pour a ladle full of the batter into the pan and swirl until it covers the base of the pan. Be sure not to put too much batter in – it should form a thin layer. Return to the plate on the stove.

Once the sides start peeling away from pan, shake it loose and flip it over. If you’re not feeling confident, turn it with an egg lifter.

Return the pan to the heat once turned and wait until it bubbles again. It should now be done, but flip once more to be sure, looking out for a golden tinge to each side of the pancake.

When it looks done to you, transfer to a plate and sprinkle cinnamon sugar liberally over the hot pancake.

Spray some more non-stick solution into the pan and repeat the pancake process all the way through.

The heat from the pancakes as you stack them on top of one another will melt the cinnamon sugar, creating a delicious syrup.

Once you’ve finished all the batter, cut the lime in half and squeeze some juice over the pancakes for a fruity tang. Roll up and devour!


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  1. I wish I was there to share those pancakes! Beautifully written, Sam – as always! Plus a no-fuss simple recipe that works.

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