Mmmilk Tart

I suffer from a crippling loneliness.

Sometimes it feels like my world suddenly became tiny and enormous all at the same time; my heart pounds and my ears ring from the silence of a phone that hasn’t beeped in hours.

I know there are other sufferers, and the feeling is fleeting and should be handled with a pinch of salt. I prefer to handle it with my favourite dessert.


Milk tart is my favourite, favourite dessert.

This is however, only the second milk tart I’ve ever made. I’ve always felt a little intimidated by it. Imagine my favourite thing turned out to be a big, gloopy flop? I’d be shattered.

I found a recipe for condensed milk milk tart on Food24 and decided to give it a go. I did however make some changes and some notes.



1. I used Clover’s vanilla Mmmilk instead of normal milk
2. I used half a tin of condensed milk instead of a full tin because the milk was already sweetened, and the thought of all that sweetness hurt my jaw.
3. I added a little saffron to my milk mixture to give it some fragrance and colour – it was beautiful!
4. The crust is a little difficult to spread evenly – must practice.
5. The recipe says the milk mixture will take 5-7 minutes to thicken, but mine took only a minute or two once returned to the heat with the egg mixture. It actually got too thick, but I just beat it with some more milk to thin it out.

The result was delicious. It bounced back softly when pressed and melted in my mouth. Give it a go and share it with someone.


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