MONDAY: Tomato and onion tortilla pizza

This post forms part of the Five Weekday Meals Experiment.

I was relieved by this recipe for a number of reasons: I eat all of the ingredients, it looks light for summer and I’ve made a similar Weight Watchers recipe before so I was familiar with the territory.

I’ve always been the type of girl who eases into the water inch by inch instead of diving into the deep end. So inching into this challenge was just peachy with me.

tortilla pizza 2

Check out the recipe here.

A tomato and red onion ‘pizza’ with a tortilla wrap as a base. Very healthy pizza.

Problemo 1
The recipe calls for olive oil for brushing, but the instructions call for some sort of pasta sauce to coat the tortilla. FYI: El cheapo tomato paste and some dried basil works just as well. But now the instructions don’t tell me what to do with the olive oil? For brushing where exactly? The olive oil remains on the counter, unused.

Problemo 2
The recipe calls for Parmesan cheese. 1 handful. Sounds good, and I like the taste of Pamesan. However, when cooked in the oven at 200ºC, it definitely doesn’t become white and gooey. It kind of evaporates. It still tastes good, but it doesn’t look anything like the picture alongside the recipe. Unless the recipe was written by a giant whose ‘handful’ is the size of a watermelon. But a normal handful is more than enough for one tortilla pizza. I suspect it was meant to say ‘mozzarella’, but didn’t. I’d probably go for a combination of the two cheeses.

The recipe isn’t precise with measurements, which I like. Everything should be added to taste when cooking (baking’s another battle we’ll tackle another day).

As you can see, I added my own bits and bobs. I liberated the half a green pepper and opened a can of chick peas for added protein in this meatless Monday meal, plus some avo to add creaminess.

tortilla pizza 1

RATINGS (1 = crap, 5 = awesome)

Ease of recipe:    3/5
Not for difficulty – it’s incredibly easy, but the recipe writing is a little unclear.

Cost: 3/5
When did groceries get so freakin’ expensive? It’s a relatively inexpensive recipe because of the lack of meat, which is good. Also, you can get quite a few portions out of one pack of tortilla wraps. But it’s no ‘fish cakes and mash for R5 per portion’ type of recipe. You get what you pay for. Cheese be expensive, yo!

Taste: 5/5
Seriously, normal pizza just tastes weird now. The tortilla wrap creates such a delicate base off which to serve the amazing flavours of the sweet red onion and sharp Parmesan. Omnomnom. It is a little soft in the middle and crunchy at the edges, so I end up folding my slice in half and eating it calzone-style. (Did I say ‘slice’? I mean the entire tortilla. Because that’s how I roll.)

Overall: A solid 3.5/5.

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