Never Ever Have I Ever Cooked…

with Anchovies
I don’t like fish in general, so to add it to a meat dish for ‘flavour’ is just bizarre to me.

Boar meat
Yeah, what can I say, been a while since one of those strolled across my path.

Fiesty little buggers, aren’t they? I’m not keen on fighting with my food.

Must try this soon. Only reason for avoiding is price of said duck.

with Endive
Don’t even know what it is. Seriously. Oh, Wikipedia…!

I won’t even take them out of the chicken. Eew.

with Harissa
What is that?

Iraqi food
Hmm…another one to Wiki.

with Juniper berries
I’m dying to try this since my favourite drink, gin, is made from these babies. Recipes welcome.

with Kin
as in family. Remember ‘too many cooks in the kitchen’… it’ll just end badly.

I’m totally indulgent, all of the time. Yes, those are my hips you can see squeezing into your monitor.

I’ve eaten it; it’s divine. But that was in Spain – don’t think we get it here.

I’ll leave that to Jamie Oliver.

Mom did it more than enough while growing up to make sure I’d never touch it.

a Partridge
Is it appropriate to cook it with pears… from a pear tree?

But the eggs are delicious.

Ag, cute little bunnies belong in the cabbage patch, not the cabbage stew.

without Seasoning
It’s like playing football without the ball.

They’re bitter, glorified onion/potato hybrids. No idea what to do with them.

Up on a mountain
The altitude could be bad news for my scones.

Again… eew.

with Waterless Cookware
It’s too expensive and I’m all for the moisture factor.

with Xylitol
Okay, that’s a lie – I have. But I didn’t have anything else to fill the X category!

We call ’em sweet potatoes, y’hear?

Again, not so big on the game meat.


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One response to “Never Ever Have I Ever Cooked…

  1. I’ve done – anchovies, duck (not the best experience ever though – ascribe it to user error), endive (v. good, esp baked with cheese, ham & potatoes), turnips (not a big fan), yams (aren’t those the orange-fleshed sweet potatoes?)a

    On my to-do list – harissa (fiery North-African spice paste), Iraqi food (will have to Google too, though!), Juniper berries (not too many recipes using those, have you noticed?), quail & eggs, rabbit (I just can’t quite muster up the courage yet – cute bunnies! etc)

    As for the things I won’t touch with a 10-foot pole – OFFAL. Urgh.. Also not very keen on Xylitol (it’s artificial sweetener, right? Pass).

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