Chocolate Eggs

Chocolate eggs

Chocolate eggs

Easter is over, I know, but can one’s love of chocolate really be boxed into a religious weekend? Don’t think so. Chocolate is an all-year thing.

Last week I received a copy of Willie Harcourt-Cooze’s Willie’s Chocolate Factory. It’s an indulgence at the very least! From Venezuelan Hot Chocolate to chocolate risotto, it seems there’s nothing that wouldn’t do well with a sprinkling of cacao.

The word ‘chocolate’ is a bit misleading – the added ingredient is actually 100% cacao. Since this isn’t readily available in SA (not Willie’s brand, anyway) the closest I was going to get was Lindt’s 85% Dark Chocolate. Since I’m not a dark choc fan particularly, it tasted like 100% to me.

Lindt 85%

Lindt Excellence

My first experimentation was rather safe:

Fried eggs with grated chocolate on top (well, cacao if I had).

I know you’re thinking eew, but think wow instead. It’s a creamy, indulgent alternative to pepper. The bitter notes of the chocolate are perfectly complemented by the soft, silky taste and texture of the egg yolk. It’s one of the more interesting tastes I’ve yet experienced.

Give it a try. You can do it like I did – one with chocolate, one without – in case it’s kak.


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3 responses to “Chocolate Eggs

  1. Oded’s kitchen have a really nice, not sweet, chocolate marinade.

  2. I’m a chocolate addict, but never ever would I have dreamed to use it on eggs! *scampering off to give this a try*

    • Sam

      Marisa> it’s so worth it. I was sceptical but the difference is subtle yet sublime. Hope you enjoy it. More choc experiments coming up. 🙂

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