Scones for memory lane


Yesterday I stumbled upon (literally, not the app) Cook Sister’s Mamma’s no-recipe scones post. It made me think of you. You often baked cheese scones. Spicy ones. You always wanted to turn our garden into a tea garden.  Sorry that never happened, but I’m working on something even better.


Squishy, scrumptious scones

In the recipe, Jeanne instructs us to ‘cut’ the liquid into the flour by drawing a grid. I’d forgotten that you taught me how to do that when I was still two bricks and a tickie high. You used a butter knife instead of a wooden spoon, and I think the knife works better. Thanks for that tip 😉

I can’t remember your scone recipe. Gosh, there is so much I don’t remember about our years together. But this one works really well. They were the fluffiest, softest little things. They rose exceptionally. You would have liked them I think.

Scones with apricot jam and fresh cream

Wat is 'n scone sonder jêm?

One recipe that you taught me that I do remember is bread and butter pudding. You always made things so simple: one egg to one cup of milk to one teaspoon of vanilla essence. I’m a big girl now so I use vanilla extract instead. It wasn’t around when you were.

Back to the scones. They were very quick and easy to make. And they disappeared just as quickly! At 7pm, 12 scones came out of the oven. At 7:30pm, there were three left. Danny laid into them. Baking for boys is a thankless job. Well, at least that way I know they were good.

So now I’ll have another – just for you.


PS. Here’s the recipe.



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2 responses to “Scones for memory lane

  1. Glad I’m not the one one whose mom taught them how to cut the liquid into the dry ingredients 🙂 Thanks for visiting my site!

  2. hhmmmmm…..!!!! I could use a scone right now!

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