Macaroons: A Master Class

The first time I tasted a macaroon was only two years ago. It was from Cassis bakery in Gardens. Very yummy. So are the ones from Myatt in the Waterfront. So how would mine stand up? Hopefully with the help of master patissier Eric Lanlard, pretty good.

Well, they were tasty…

I went along to the Good Food and Wine Show at the CTICC last week to attend a BBC Cooking workshop with Eric Lanlard. On the menu: Macaroons with cream and fruit.

Off the bat, macaroons don’t seem that hard to make. Until you realise it’s not so easy passing ground almonds through a sieve. Oh golly.  Once I had my beautiful pink gloop in the piping bag, our assistant said we could make any shape we like. Well, okay then! Except – little turd shapes aren’t the best base for fruit and cream, which I only discovered later. This was not going as well as I had hoped.

Nonetheless, there was a lot to be learned. Eric was meticulous in his craft and very encouraging. He was very clear that when you’re baking something for the first time, just follow the instructions. ALWAYS follow the instructions. Yes, sir!

This was the result:

Macaroons with cream, litchis and raspberries.

Saved Macaroons

Aaaw, they are quite pretty anyway, hey? I had planned to take them home after the workshop but I was so overloaded with bags from the show, I just sat down and scoffed it right there. Delicious!

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