Let them eat cake – GFWS

“Let them eat cake”  – who said that? If you said Marie Antoinette, sorry, but you’ve got a little egg on your face!

You’re forgiven for thinking that the glamorous queen uttered this iconic statement, but as Eric Lanlard pointed out to us as we made macaroons, or Macarons, she did not. The phrase was first appeared in The Confessions of Jean-Jacques Rousseau, written before Marie Antoinette even arrived in France.

Marie Antoinette did however have a cat named Macaron, and it’s believed that these little treats were her favourite (the dessert, not the cat).

Macaroons fit for a queen? You decide.

Top Billing and Mercedes Benz hosted a garden at this weekend’s Good Food and Wine Show. The most delectable desserts were on show in the little garden. I say ‘on show’ because I never tasted them. I took these photos on Thursday and on Sunday – the desserts were still there. Do you think they’re plastic? If so – poor form at a GFWS!

Berry nice!

Berry nice!

So here’s me practicing my food photography with the office’s lovely Canon. Seriously, I’m tired of my ‘mik ‘n druk’ now. Must get upgrade.

Dotty delight

Dotty delight


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