Birfdei Cake

Who agrees – just calling it ‘birthday’ cake instead of, say, Arb Tuesday Cake, makes it taste SO MUCH BETTER?! I agree with myself.

It was Danny’s birthday on the 11th of April – luckily a Sunday so I had all day to bake – and this was my present to him. Before you think I’m a cheap skate, let me just tell you that this was no ordinary cake.

Chocolate cake with chocolate cream cheese icing.

it tastes so much better like this...

It’s BrownieGirl’s icing recipe to which I just added cocoa. I would tell you what went into it but for the life of me I can’t remember now. Brownie, can you help out? Icing sugar, cream cheese, butter, sour cream, vanilla… something like that.

Anywho, it really was the best chocolate cake I have ever ever ever had. Seriously. I’m not hyperbolic and I’m not tooting my own horn (tooting Browniegirl’s in fact).

Unfortunately I need to wait until June to make it again. Like I said, it’s just not as good if you can’t call it Birthday Cake.

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